Do the Scrigno pocket door systems come with doors included?

We can provide the doors but do not as standard, believing the customer wants to choose their own door for the job. Having said that we are happy to advise on the choice of a suitable door and can provide support in regard to it’s installation. Scrigno offer a standard range of natural and pre-finished doors. We hope to offer these online soon. Please drop us a line to with any questions or for more information on our doors. 

Can I fit these systems into or against an existing masonry wall?

Yes, this has been done many times before, check out the pdf here for instructions on how to do just that.

Are there discounts available if I buy a few units at once?

Possibly, please email your requirements if your order is for 3 units or more or is over £1000.00.

Can I get spares?

Yes, email us at with details of your system and we can quote you for spares.

If I have a problem during installation that I cannot fix, what do I do?

Ideally photograph or video the problem and email us with it and a brief description and we will try our best to help.

Do the Disappearing Door Company install the door pocket systems?

No, but depending where you are we may be able to put you in touch with someone that can help.

I am a tradesman and I would like to be able to get work installing these, will you add me to your list?

This may be possible if you have fitted one previously, please send us an email with your details and the contact details of your customer as a reference.

I want a special size that is not listed, can you do these?

Very likely, please email your requirements and we will endeavour to quote.

I am having problems fitting the system, can you come out?  

Well, this isn’t really a question we get asked, but thought we’d put it in anyway.  Fitting our systems is very easy but if you do struggle please call us, we cannot come out but can you talk you through it.

I already have stud work up that is thicker than the pocket frame, what can I do?

Either double board the wall and accept that you will have to finish the gap between architrave and the jambs or change the stud work to the correct size.

Can I fit glass doors to the system and if so do you supply them

Yes, this is quite common, please email us or go to the Scrigno website here. Scrigno Essential has a dedicated glass door kit that takes glass sourced by the customer.

I want to use a 44mm door, is that okay?

Doortech 100mm has a 40mm maximum. However our 125mm version can take  a 44mm leaf but you must ensure the brackets are perfectly central on the door otherwise is may rub on the horizontal top rails above it. Please contact us for information on the 125mm version.

I have solid masonry walls, will your system work with it?

Solid walls are more common on the continent and so Scrigno make a version for this. Please contact us and we can provide details, it is the same price as the plasterboard version for stud work.

What Guarantee is offered on these products?

It varies by the product, Doortech is a ‘contract’ system whereas Base Gold and Essential are premium quality. Please see The Scrigno Guarantee page.

Can you deliver to Ireland and sell in Euros?

Yes we have lots of customers in Ireland and can take Euro payments over the phone. Carriage is a little more more than Great Britain rates.

Do you do other types of sliding system, including traditional surface systems?

Yes we do pretty much every kind of internal sliding door system, including glass doors, stainless steel fittings, hidden in the ceiling, etc – (not external sliding doors)