Automatic Opener

The Scrigno Automatic Opener does exactly that.  It can be activated by a number of different devices such as switches, floor sensors, beam switches, etc (all to separate order).  Ideal for use by the less able, clean environments where contact is to be avoided, or just for the luxury home where cutting edge technology is standard.  Fitting is straight forward but should be carried out by an approved installer. 

The Automatic Opener is available to suite two widths of door, either 1000 or 1200mm.


Scrigno Automatic Opener - installation instructions and video

Click on the pdf to download the installation instructions

Automatic Opener - fitting instructions


This video is a walk-through of the steps to undertake when installing the Scrigno Automatic Opener (to view in full screen mode please click the You Tube button)


These items are normally to order and delivery is around 2-3 weeks