Scrigno Switch

The Scrigno radio frequency switch is perfect for use where there is no room in the wall cavity for a traditional wired system due to the presence of a pocket door system.

  • The switch works by communicating with a radio frequency receiver
  • Can be fitted to a light fitting, automatic opener
  • Easy to install, no need for building work and the installation of power cables
  • Flexible styling and colour to match existing switch and socket fittings - available in white or anthracite
  • Powered by long-life lithium button batteries
  • The switch removes the need to build out your wall to accommodate a deeper box if you prefer to have a switch on the wall
  • The switch is compatible with all UK household electrical devices
  • Should be installed by a qualified person


These items are normally to order and delivery is around 2-3 weeks

GBP 58.00