Single Sliding Door Pockets – Essential

Scrigno Essential is our architrave-free pocket door framing system. The prefabricated pocket is simply installed and once plastered and painted gives that crisp, neat edge that defines the modern interior.

Sliding door pockets are shown below by both clear opening and by door size.

  Clear Opening
Metric Door Size
901907 600 x 2030mm 615mm x 2025mm/ 40mm
901662 700 x 2030mm 715mm x 2025mm/ 40mm
901663 800 x 2030mm 815mm x 2025mm/ 40mm
901661 900 x 2030mm 915mm x 2025mm/ 40mm


Additional DescriptionAdditional Detail

Scrigno Essential is shown here for 100mm finished plasterboard walls. We also offer a 125mm version that is capable of heights of 2400mm, as well as a wet plaster versions that can achieve 2700mm high for masonry of various thicknesses. Please contact us for more information. What you get - Our system consists of a corrugated hollow box, the top track that holds the door, an aluminium end-post and all the components to make it work. Note it does NOT include the door. Full details of the components are available in the installation video

  • Download the full sizing chart from here
  • View the full installation guide and video here
  • If you have any questions then please email or visit the FAQ pages