The need for more space is often cited as the no.1 reason why people move house, and as more and more of us are finding it difficult to move due to the stagnant housing market, the solution seems to be rather than upping sticks to be make the most of existing space by looking for new and inventive ways to utilise it.

Pocket door systems have been quoted as saving up to 25% space over traditional hinged door openings.  With the Scrigno door pocket system installed in a house you can free up space to create new more capacious accommodation.   Tight spaces where doors have knocked into furniture or other doors no longer need to be an issue when using a Scrigno pocket door system.

Once installed our systems will give you years of guaranteed performance. They are quiet, smooth and totally reliable. If you are installing them yourself, there is no easier to install system on the market, it can be done by a reasonably competent DIY-er. On the off chance you get stuck, just call us!

Thank you for considering Scrigno pocket doors systems. 


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